Publishers whose Monetag account is disabled should consider using Admediatex

A large number of publishers are complaining that their Monetag account is disabled, especially in October 2023. In this case the publishers should consider using the banner advertising network

The main advantage of using banner advertising is that it is less intrusive compared to Monetag. In addition to Paypal, they also offer Binance payment. Statistics are updated daily,and the CPM offered is $0.04 or higher. All websites are automatically approved, making it ideal for small publishers. Increase revenues from your blog or website using

Payeer to Paypal converter/exchange

While many online workers find it extremely difficult to make more money online with Paypal payment, they find that it is far easier to make money using Payeer sites which pay in USD or Russian Rubles.
Indian citizens who receive Payeer payment find it difficult to transfer the payment they receive into their indian bank account so that they can use the money to pay expenses.

One of the Payeer to Paypal exchange exchange option is OKpays. Those who are interested should be aware that the conversion may not be immediate, it can take approximately 24 hours to get transferred to the Paypal account.

Though the Payeer to Paypal exchange offers approximately Paypal $5 for Payeer $4.902 , Paypal fees are deducted from the amount paid. The reviewer wanted to transfer $5 Payeer to Paypal, her Payeer account was debited with $5.05 and she received $4.48 in her Paypal account after fees of $0.61 were deducted by Paypal.

Cryptocurrency, Advcash and other exchange options are also available at Payeer to Paypal, currency exchange

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Binance Crypto Red Packet Giveaway – get 0.01 – 3 USDT FREE

Binance has announced its Crypto Red Packet Giveaway which allows members to get some free crypto
Binance members can get 0.01 – 3 USDT FREE in their Binance funding account only by pasting the giveaway link in their browser
They should be logged in to their Binance account to make the claim.
The amount is credited to the funding account immediately.
Members who participate in the giveaway will also get their own giveaway link which they can share with others
Internet users who do not have a Binance account, can register a Binance account for free, KYC required
The Binance Crypto Red Packet Giveaway ends on October 31, 2023, so participate in the Binance giveaway now

Popads remains one of the most popular monetization options for website owners

In the last decade banner and PPC advertising rates have reduced more than 100 times, so pop ads are considered one of the most effective ways of making some money from the visitors to the website.
Popads is one of the most popular pop advertising network with minimum payout of $5
In September 2023, the domain investor received her fourth payment.This payment was received after more than three years, since she did not earlier focus on monetizing the websites using pop-up and other ad networks and CPM rates are very low for popup and banner advertising.
The payment was received within 24 hours of sending a request for payment. - The Best Popunder Adnetwork

Get paid for sharing internet connection, passive income from smartphone

Most internet users do not use the data which they are allocated daily. They can make a small amount of passive income daily by sharing the data on their android smartphone using Traffmonetizer.
To get a free bonus of $5 please register using the Traffmonetizer affiliate link
Payment can be withdrawn when the balance is $10
They offer multiple payment methods like

Investing in a cheap smartphone with SIM is more profitable than developing a website at present due to the theft of online advertising revenues. Only a small amount of data usually 50 mb or less is required daily on each device where the app is installed. To get a free bonus of $5 please register using the Traffmonetizer affiliate link

For any clarifications, please contact

Get paid for doing social media tasks

One of the popular ways of making some money online is doing social media tasks. While it is very difficult to make even $0.01 daily from online advertising, it is very easy to make some money, liking videos, twitter, instagram posts.

One of the better websites for making some money online is Everve - Social Media Exchange on steroids by Everve They have a large number of tasks in different categories like
Traffic Exchange
They also have a chrome extension which will automate these tasks to a great extent. To get a registration bonus of $0.5 , register at Everve - Social Media Exchange on steroids by Everve Since well paid corrupt greedy government employees are robbing the advertising revenues of domain investors and blocking domain,link sales, all the time, money and effort for developing the website is wasted, since there is no additional revenues from the website. So domain investors who want some additional money to pay their domain renewal expenses are forced to look for other options.