Payeer to Paypal converter/exchange

While many online workers find it extremely difficult to make more money online with Paypal payment, they find that it is far easier to make money using Payeer sites which pay in USD or Russian Rubles.
Indian citizens who receive Payeer payment find it difficult to transfer the payment they receive into their indian bank account so that they can use the money to pay expenses.

One of the Payeer to Paypal exchange exchange option is OKpays. Those who are interested should be aware that the conversion may not be immediate, it can take approximately 24 hours to get transferred to the Paypal account.

Though the Payeer to Paypal exchange offers approximately Paypal $5 for Payeer $4.902 , Paypal fees are deducted from the amount paid. The reviewer wanted to transfer $5 Payeer to Paypal, her Payeer account was debited with $5.05 and she received $4.48 in her Paypal account after fees of $0.61 were deducted by Paypal.

Cryptocurrency, Advcash and other exchange options are also available at Payeer to Paypal, currency exchange

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