Expresswallet offers 72% monthly returns , passive income and PTC income

72% monthly returns from mining and PTC income which can be reinvested, investment in rubles
Members who want some passive income and are using russian websites can get 72% monthly returns from mining at ExpressWallet and also get some additional income clicking on the ads shown on the website ( PTC)
Members get a small amount free mining as a bonus after registering, and can invest any amount starting from 10 Rubles. They can usually make 0.2-0.5 rubles daily from clicking ads, and each ad is of higher value compared to other PTC websites, usually 0.045 rubles or more.

Get paid to watch videos at Payup, minimum payout $0.1

Many internet users especially students want to make some additional money in their free time. Watching videos is one of the easiest ways to make a small amount of money online Payup is a comparatively new website which pays members for watching videos. Most of the videos are for 10 seconds and pay approximately $0.0002 per video watched while a few 20 second videos are paying more, approximately $0.00037.

They allow approximately 100 videos to be watched in one hour and 500-600 videos watched in a day.
So a person can reach the minimum payout of $0.1 within a couple of days, if they are willing to spend their time and have a fast internet connection with cheap data
Payment options at present are
– Payeer
– Advcash
– USDtron
The website is under review at present, no payment is received till date. The account is credited correctly after a video is watched and a bonus is offered for watching a larger number of videos. So the Payup website is recommended for those who like to watch videos and also want to make some additional money, which they can quickly withdraw.

Google adsense alternative for monetizing websites or blogs

Many of the forum owners, bloggers find it difficult to monetize their website and do not get google adsense approval. Monetag (Called Propeller ads earlier), is a reliable ad network which pays webmasters for page views and conversions. They provide detailed reports for page views, including the country from which the visitors are coming. They also have a wordpress plugin. Websites are automatically approved after verification .The main advantage of using this ad network compared to Google adsense is that the minimum payout is only $5.
They have multiple payment options :
Wire/bank transfer
Though my websites have less traffic, I have received one payment , so webmasters interested in a passive income should consider using Monetag . If anyone has any queries regarding Monetag , please email

Banner advertising network with low minimum payout

Webmasters are always interested in increasing the revenues from their website, especially since Google adsense revenues are declining.
Unitraffic is a reliable banner advertising network which pays for every unique visitor to the website
They have a low minimum payout of approximately $0.024, which was processed within one hour of placing the request.
There are also additional options for making money, like bonuses and viewing ads
Since a large number of ad networks are not paying, it is an alternative worth considering for webmasters who find it difficult to monetize their websites
Please note that raw/cbi employees especially slim goan bhandari call girl raw employee sunaina chodan, gurugram greedy cheater mba hr ruchita kinge, goan gsb fraud housewife robber riddhi nayak caro are not associated with the website though are making fake claims and getting monthly government salaries at the expense of the real domain investor in a case of government slavery, financial fraud.

Traffic exchange with 1:1 ratio, increase website visitors or get paid for visiting websites

Webmasters who wish to increase the number of visitors to their websites can use Super Traf, a traffic exchange with 1:1 ratio. Users get credits for visiting websites which they can also sell for money if they do not wish to spend time visiting websites. One of the main advantages of this traffic exchange is that users can get credit for visiting the website for only 5 seconds, which is less than most other traffic exchanges. Withdrawal starts from 5 Ruble, for more details and payment proof, please check the Super-Traf review.

Every website visitor has a commercial value of at least $0.00015

One of the biggest frauds of the google controlled internet at present, is how small website owners are not getting any payment, though they are having a large number of visitors distributed on various websites
The traffic exchange rotate4all is paying members at least $0.00015 for each 5 second visit to a website , and the amount per visit increased based on the number of websites visited in the day.
Newspapers, magazines, TV channels are all charging based on the circulation, number of readers and viewers
Only in the internet sector, the webmaster is not getting anything for the page and ad views, they get something only if the ad click is recorded properly and they are approved by the ad network, like google
It is time that webmasters get paid something for the visitors who visit their website and view the ads which are being displayed.

Getting paid to visit websites most reliable way to make money online at present

Get paid for every website you visit

At present,even if a blogger or online publisher invests a lot of time and money online, they do not make any money at all in some cases,because the advertising revenues are often diverted to government employees and their associates who cannot be held accountable, especially in India.

Domain investors,online publishers from powerless , poor communities especially bhandari professionals, investors with corrupt dishonest leaders/officials like goan bhandari CHEATER chodankar/naik who are extremely vicious in CRIMINALLY DEFAMING bhandari investors are worst affected by the revenue robbery of well paid government employees who are already getting a very good salary,pension,BRIBES.

So instead of creating content for websites and not getting paid anything,it is better to get paid for every website you visit

Get paid for visiting websites, doing tasks, almost instant withdrawal

Survey websites are the most popular online money making option for most people, yet many people especially from india are disqualified from the survey or do not want to provide personal information
So a better option for making money online are russian moneymaking websites like Serfclick
A reliable option at present for making money online, getting paid for visiting websites, registering at various websites and doing various tasks,is Serfclick
They offer instant withdrawal, and low minimum payout of approximately $0.015, users are also paid for daily login
English translate option available for those who do not understand Russian.
Some of the popular withdrawal options are Payeer,Visa/Mastercard and Perfectmoney
It is possible to make enough money to withdraw money daily, it is one of the best paying websites at present, paying 0.05 rouble or more per click
For payment proof and other details check Serfclick review
Details of members receiving payout is provided on the website
Google,Bing are not listing most of the russian websites, so this review is one of the best ways to find Russian websites that pay

Cheapest Youtube video views, 1000 video views, 10 seconds each, for Rs 44

Youtubers who wish to increase the views for their Youtube videos can purchase cheap video views at rates starting from Rs 44 for 1000 views
Each video is usually displayed for at least 10 seconds if the cheapest package is selected.
The minimum deposit is only Rs 11. Website owners can also get visitors for their website at cheap rates.
For more details check Cheap Quick Visitors, Video views
For any clarifications , please email