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Making quick money in India, Rs 600+ per day, without investment, without skills

Though google is ranking the surejobs list for making quick money in india, many of the opportunities are only suitable for those who have a car, laptop or own a home. In india most people who are looking for quick money have no assets, are mostly students, and not from wealthy families. A more practical list of how to make quick money in India, without a computer, without investing money, and get paid the same day or within a few hours is provided. Offline most workers are making at least Rs 600-800 per day for 6-8 hours work, even if they are not educated, do not speak/write english . This list is compiled based on information provided by people working offline in India and observing the time which they spend working. Kindly note that government employees especially greedy goan bhandari scammer sunaina chodan, siddhi mandrekar are not associated with the website in any way.

Timeshare for sale at Sterling Holiday resorts in India

Timeshare at following Sterling resorts available for sale
Lake Palace – Allepey
House boat – Allepey
Gangtok- Orange Village
Rudra – Gir
Goa – Varca
Park Kalimpong
Kodai – Lake
Kodai – Valley
V Grand Madurai
Mount Abu
Ooty- Elk Hill
Ooty- Fern Hill
Palavelli Godavari
Palin Bliss – Rishikesh
De laila houseboat, Srinagar
Arunai Ananta Resort, Tiruvannamai

Sterling Nature trails
Sajan, Vikramgad
Durshet, Khopoli
Kundalika, Kolad

Anyone interested in a holiday in any of the resorts at a discounted rate can send email to

List of online charities, donation websites, financial help for medical emergencies, education

Many people facing a financial crisis, often take loans at a very high interest rate. However, there are a number of websites,organizations and individuals who offer financial assistance to those who are genuinely facing a financial emergency, often due to factors beyond their control
They offer financial assistance
– medical treatment
– school fees, books and other expenses
– natural calamities
– other factors like loss of parent for children
These websites are either collecting online donations or giving low interest loans to those who cannot get loans from other sources.
List of online donation, financial help, charity websites, organizations and persons
Genuine charity organizations can send an email to

Best CPM ad networks in 2022 for low traffic websites

Most of the popular ad networks require more than 5000 monthly page views, so online publishers with low traffic websites are finding it difficult to get approved. However, there are some CPM ad networks which pay for every visitor, and have automatic approval after verification or easy approval. A list of Best CPM ad networks in 2022 for low traffic websites, compiled after registering for each ad network is available for reference to help webmasters make more money from their website