Express-wallet not allowing members to withdraw the balance citing cash energy

Though it was mentioned earlier, people should be aware Express-wallet is not allowing members without cash energy to withdraw their mining income. The reply from support is posted below.

At the moment, your Cash Energy balance has reached zero. Without Cash Energy, it is impossible to transfer the accumulated funds to the main account balance.

To permanently get rid of Cash Energy, you can purchase once a large Miner Speed for one payment.

When paying for the speed in one payment of 5000 MH/s for 50 000 rubles you will receive +5000 MH/s for free at a discount, so you can withdraw absolutely all your investments in less than a month and then there will be only profit. With this investment on your account, the Cash Energy function will be canceled on a permanent basis. For you, the collection of profits and withdrawal of funds will work automatically without restrictions and without limits. With this investment, you will also not need referrals. You will be able to attract referrals exclusively at will in order to obtain additional profit.
More than 90% of all our users have already chosen this investment option and do not experience any difficulties on the project.

However, this investment is by no means mandatory.
If you do not want to get rid of Cash Energy forever by investing 50 000 rubles once – then in this case you should focus on attracting referrals.
This will solve your problem.

Your referral links » for attracting partners yourself are here.
You can use either of the two links provided there.
Everyone who goes through them and registers will automatically become your referral.

You can also Buy referrals from the system »
Purchased referrals are assigned to you forever and are no different from those invited personally

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