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Reasons For Special Hospital Attire

Scrubs are usually kinds of garments that are put on by surgeons, doctors and their assistants in a hospital. They are suited for the hospital and medical environment. Scrubs were designed only for staff working in an operation theater. Before an operation the staff would have to put on these clothes.

The clothes are now commonly worn around hospitals. Scrubs are not only used in hospitals but also outside the hospitals. They are used in places where sanitization of clothes is highly required. Scrubs are made so that they are not easily contaminated, are easy to clean and they are not expensive.

In the past when scrubs had not been developed, medical practitioners usually wore their own clothes. Doctors, surgeons and nurses usually take further sanitary precision on top of wearing scrubs. This extra gear also helps in sanitization and preventing infection both to the physician and the patient.

There was awareness of having safety garment in a hospital since long in history. There was introduction to sterilization to both gear and instruments. The white color on initial surgery attire was for the purpose of maintaining cleanliness. This was later done away with and there came garments that were green in color.

No extra or underlying clothe should be worn with the scrubs. Scrubs are designed to heighten cleanliness and so foreign clothes are thought to cause contamination. Doctors who are not performing an operation may wear their own clothes and a white apparel on top. Surgeons may add another apparel on top of the scrubs while outside the operating room. These garments are usually put on by hospital staff who handle patients.

Scrubs are also worn as uniforms in prison in some countries. These garments are usually of different physical attributes. The difference in the design and color of the scrubs usually varies with the place of use and country. Hospitals usually have different kinds of scrubs to differentiate between the various professions within the hospital. Pediatricians have unique scrubs that have cartoon characters printed on them.

The wearer is usually not allowed to take the scrubs home or own it. Cleaning of these special hospital attires is taken seriously and sterility agents are also used while cleaning. Scrub caps are also a necessary requirement in hospitals especially during medical procedures. These caps are also used for sanitization purposes. Scrub caps have stood the test if time since their inception and are still in use in the current time. Most of these caps are used in surgery rooms but they also find their use outside. The design of scrub caps is usually distinct. Similarly for scrub caps, their pigmentation also varies but the wearer usually puts on a scrub cap and scrub that are similar in color.

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