Click on link to get up to 3USDT free in Binance account, 10% passive income using Simple Earn

Binance has extended its Crypto Red Packet Giveaway to December 31, 2023. This giveaway allows members to get some free crypto in their Binance account, though the link for participating in the giveaway has changed to . Binance members, online workers who are struggling to make money online and/or offline can use this link, to make some additional money .
Every Binance user can get between 0.01 to 3 USDT FREE in their Binance funding account only by pasting the giveaway link on a new browser page or clicking on the link
The user should be logged in to their Binance account while make their claim for the giveaway.
The giveaway amount is credited to the Binance funding wallet of the user immediately. They can use the money for trading or staking.
Binance offers high interest rates of 10% or more for USDT Simple Earn, passive income for online workers making less money because they are old, ugly or not well connected.
Binance users can also withdraw the balance in their account to their bank account in local currency using the send cash function.

Internet users who do not have a Binance account at present, can open a new Binance account for free.

The December 2023 Binance Crypto Red Packet Giveaway ends on December 31, 2023, so participate in the December Binance Crypto giveaway now