Increasingly crypto is used for making payment to online workers

One of the trends in online money making which the mainstream media and government has not noted is how increasingly crypto is being used for making payment to online workers
Several online businesses have their paypal account disabled and are forced to use other methods for making online payment.
The bank charges for international payments of small amounts, usually less than $20 are very high, and the online worker will get very less after the bank charges are deducted
Though the domain investor does not deal with many companies, in the last 18 months at least 4 online businesses had their paypal account disabled forcing them to use other options.
Coinbase has closed their account in India, realizing that corruption levels are very high, and the government relies on fake experts for policy making. So increasing online workers are using Binance for receiving online payment.
Online workers can open their Binance account for free registering at Binance and completing their KYC.
For a limited time till November 30, 2023, online workers with a Binance account can also get upto 3 USDT free in their binance account clicking on the Binance crypto giveaway link