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Since the domain investor is making great losses, she wishes to sell pfn(.)in yet she is not getting any offer, since liar government employees, who do not spend any money on domains, are falsely claiming to own the domain to get a monthly government salary and are also blocking the domain sale. Worldwide domain investors will pay the market price, and get it legally transferred to their name. For example Twitter owner Elon Musk paid Paypal for and got it transferred to his name in 2017, though paypal had purchased the domain in 2000 from him.
Only in india, tech and internet companies are SLANDERING the domain investor, and falsely that the domains like pfn(.)in of a private citizen making a business loss belong to well paid greedy government employees who get a very good monthly government salary with dearness allowance and pension, who do not pay any money for domains, to block the domain sale

Any domain investor, interested in purchasing pfn(.)in or other premium , keyword domain names, can contact or skype Most of the premium domains were registered in 2007, and there is no change in ownership since then. Though indian tech, internet companies, officials are slandering the domain investor, to cover up their financial fraud on her since 2010, the domain investor has sold domains to a large number of domain investor worldwide ( proof posted at including a well known domain registrar.