10+ forums which pay members to post threads and replies in August 2022

Cheater housewives, scammer students and other frauds are getting government salaries for faking writing work since 2013, in one of the greater writing frauds, government SLAVERY rackets in the world. To ensure that the writing fraud is not exposed, the correspondence of the real writer is systematically stolen so that he or she does not get any writing work directly from the customer.
Instead of wasting time searching for writing orders which will be stolen, writers can make some additional money posting on forums. At present most of the forums are paying very less per post,usually $0.01 or there are restrictions on the number of posts. There are at least 10 forums which pay members to post, and are a good way to get advice on various issues.
Complete list of paid to post forums in 2022 are provided for those who wish to make some additional money daily to diversify their income sources