Small Businesses Need Director-Driven Social Media Marketing, and Dev Chatterjee NYC SEO Delivers

Dev Chatterjee Digital Marketing is based in the business capital of the United States- New York City. The business only has a history dating back to 2017, but the idea has been on paper for quite some time. Dev Chatterjee recognized a missing gap in his community and in digital marketing.

On one end, there are many small-type digital marketing systems that can help businesses who need something to get on the map. A WordPress blog may have a plug-in, such as Yost, to give them an edge. Online tutorials can be sold or reviewed for free to help introduce new concepts.

Finding the Middle-Ground

Digital marketing doesn’t have to be this massive endeavor. But, it does have to be for this for the massive corporations, which is where the opposite end of the spectrum rests. Big companies need big strategies. They need strategies that are evergreen but topical, vital but also interesting and fun. Big businesses need marketing that helps compete at the highest level.

There are many marketing providers that fall in this middle-ground, but they often lead in one direction or another. Dev Chatterjee recognized that businesses need something that is neither massive or tiny. They need direct access but not so direct that they are doing the heavy lifting themselves.


The dev chatterjee nyc seo stresses a director of SEO to steer the ship. The strategy is simple. Mid-sized businesses do not need to micromanage WordPress blogs to squeeze out every opportunity possible from a plug-in. They also don’t need a massive marketing structure that accommodates millions of dollars and thousands of people on a big scale.

They need personal assistance without ever dipping into one side of the spectrum or the other. The company can act as a Director of SEO. Dev Chatterjee can come in and help be a substantial partner in online business growth. He and his team focus primarily on SEO. It is more affordable than a full-time hire. Clients can obtain organic results in the areas they need while keeping in that nice and cozy area between the two extremes of business digital marketing.