I Am Doing What I Thought Would Never Be Possible

When my husband was told that he had cancer, my first thought was that I did not want to lose him. My next thought was to wonder how I would keep a roof over our heads while he went through treatment and the upcoming fight of his life. When I went to go pick up our kids from school, I stalked to my other mom friends, and one of them told me about the Ewen Chia program that she was learning from. She said that everyone was talking about it, and the people who had already been through the course were already making some big money. I hoped that she was right.

After getting all the information that I needed from her, I went home that same night to look this new-to-me man up. I really did have a big concern that he would want me to do really technical things that I could not handle, but that did not happen. After reading about him online, I felt safe enough to get his program. Every night, after I brought my husband home from his chemotherapy treatments, I got online and watched the classes until I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer each night. I felt like a sponge learning so much great information. By the time the course ended, I felt a sense of strength that what I had just learned about was going to help keep our family in our home and food on the table.

I had always wanted a blog of my own, but had just never done it. Now, with Internet marketing, I needed one and I learned how to do that really easily. Then I sat down and brain stormed about what types of products I should sell. I knew that I needed to make the right choices that would interest customers. I learned all that through the class I took, and it helped me to pick correctly. I am now the sole breadwinner in my family, and my husband is so proud of me.