I Found Someone Who Taught Me Everything I Was Missing

So many people had been talking about Ewen chia in the Internet marketing forum that I frequented a lot, but for whatever reason, I did not learn more about him at first. I figured I would get around to it at some point. But now I wish that I would have checked him out a lot sooner because I would have been more money a lot more quickly if I had done so. But the positive sides of that is that he exists, he wants to help people like me, and I finally started paying attention to what he had to say.

I have been an Internet marketer for about five years. I would not say that I was very successful at it. I made just enough to pay my rent and cover basic necessities like food. It was not much of an existence. It was downright depressing. But I stuck with it hoping that it would get better and because I was comfortable doing what I thought I knew well. Well, it was not getting any better thanks to my inadequacies, and I did knot know the market as well as I thought I did.

Ewen has figured out how to put into place all the things that your customers want from you, but you haven’t figured out yourself. That was exactly the position that I was in. It was a bit embarrassing to see that I was not as smart as I was. But I was smart enough to join his online course, so I guess I’m not that dumb after all! The course was simple to understand and full of great information. I learned more than I thought was possible about getting the right products in front of the right customers who want them. It really upped my monthly pay immensely.